Aesop-Substitute: Adding a Non-Work Day  

If there is a day when one knows, in advance, that he or she cannot substitue, to prevent calls from Aesop, that day can be marked ahead of time as a non-work day within Aesop.

To mark a day as a non-work day, first, substitute teachers must log in to Aesop.

Once logged in to the substitute's Aesop home page, simply click the "Add Non-Work Day" link in the left navigation column under the calendar (and pictured below).

Add Non-Work Day Link


After clicking that link a new page will appear. On this new page, the substitute will enter the date and time details of the non-work day. These details default to 8 AM until 4 PM, but those can be shortened. In the example, below, a substitute teacher has volunteered to work in his dauther's classroom on October 31st, and, as a result, he cannot substitute that afternoon. He can substitute on the morning of October 31st, though. So, by filling out the screen as below, he will still see morning-only positions when he performs a "Search for Jobs," and he will be eligible to receive phone calls from Aesop for morning-only assignments.

Add Non-Work Day Details


If the substitue wants to do so, he or she can block out an entire sequence of dates very quickly at one time. Examples of when a substitute might want to do this include:

Vacation--For those retired substitutes with homes or good friends in Florida or Arizona who want to spend a month in a warmer climate, the "Repeat Event" feature can make quick work of this. In the example below, the substitute is leaving for the South on January 22nd, and this individual will not be available again until February 28th. In this example, the substitute should be sure to check the checkbox next to "All Week"--unless he or she wants to come back to substitute from Ft. Lauderdale or Scottsdale every Wednesday!

Non-Work Day Details-Month-long Trip


Weekly Conflict--Another example of when a substitute may want to use the "Repeat Event" feature is when he or she has a weekly conflict that will be regularly scheduled. Examples of this may include a weekly appointment that would interfere with substituting, a day each week during which the substitute does not have childcare for his or her child, or something similar. In this example below, the substitute cannot serve on Tuesday mornings during the Spring Semester due to university classes.

Add Non-Work Day with a  Weekly Schedule


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